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Kimberley Explained: Our Mining and Town Glossary

While our days of toiling underground have since passed, remnants from those years of hard labour can still be seen in our food and drink scene, on our ski slopes, and in the attractions that set us apart. From pizza joints to hard-working breweries, the legacy of the Sullivan Mine lives on here in Kimberley. Peruse some of the common Kimberley mining terms below, then see how many you can find during a visit here!


The Sullivan Mine was named after one of the 4 original mine founders: Walter Burchett, EC Smith, John Cleaver and Pat Sullivan. Today "The Sullivan Pub" is an iconic staple in downtown Kimberley and has been for nearly a century. The "Sully is a direct nod to our mining past, and a tasty reminder of our storied history. It's a place where locals meet for drinks with friends, and visitors discover hearty breakfasts, elevated pub grub, and enough creative cocktails to start any vacation off on the right foot.


Muck refers to ore or rock that has been broken by blasting. A “muck sample” is a representative piece of ore that is taken from a muck pile and then assayed to determine the grade of the pile. "Muckers” are the movers of that rock/muck and “hot muck” refers to burning ore. With plenty of tongue-in-cheek taglines and delicious meals to boot, find the term "mucky" at the Pedal & Tap. It's tagged as a place to #getmuckedup with friends and family and where guests can enjoy a heaping plate of loaded “Mucky Fries”. Yum.


A bootleg is the bottom part of a hole that is left after a blast. Bootlegs must be examined carefully to make sure that no explosive remains. One of the most iconic mountains in Kimberley’s backyard is Bootleg Mountain. This is where our downhill biking network lives, and where outdoor enthusiasts recreate all throughout the year. The term “bootleg” also shows up around town at one of our local bike shops, Bootleg Bike Co., as well as at Bootleg Gap Golf, one of our 3 championship golf courses here in town.


Grubstake refers to supplies or funds loaned to a mining prospector, on the promise of a share in their discoveries. Mention the word “grubstake” in Kimberley, and locals will immediately assume you’re jonesing for a pizza. Grubstake Pizza has been a family-run establishment in Kimberley since the early ’90s and continues to be a favourite among locals and visitors today.


After its initial discovery, the Sullivan Mine was acquired by the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (Cominco, a predecessor of Teck Resources Ltd). This company was one of the first in the world to commercialize “differential froth flotation”, a revolutionary process that made the recovery of zinc economical. Established in 1927, Cominco Gardens is a 5-hectare property that boasts over 45,000 flowers annually. During its operations, the Sullivan Mine began producing its own brand of fertilizer from ore by-products. The gardens were designed as a natural way to show off the effectiveness of that fertilizer while creating a space of beauty for residents and visitors to enjoy.


A jackpot refers to a particularly bad work area. Find your very own “bad work area” at the Kimberley Alpine Resort on runs like Jackpot and Jackpot Glades. Both of these runs are Black Diamonds and a decidedly bad place to try to and conduct a regular 9-to-5 (but don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss where you’re at).


Magma refers to the molten material deep in the Earth from which rocks are formed. Another mining term that shows up on our ski slopes, Magma is a Black Diamond ski run accessed off of the Easter chairlift at the Kimberley Alpine Resort. This run is best enjoyed with first-tracks on an epic powder day, or by anyone looking to tackle some steep moguls when conditions are firm.


Overtime refers to time worked beyond one's scheduled working hours. The hard-working, tenacious grit that our mining ancestors instilled in our town can still be seen in our “honest, modest, hard-working beers” from Overtime Beer Works. Though we value a work-play balance a lot more these days, our favourite kind of overtime on any workday is the overtime that takes place with pals at Overtime Beer Works.


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