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Colby Katzberg

Local Spotlight: A Look Into Kimberley’s Favourite All-Seasons Hike

While there are many memorable hikes to enjoy in the Kimberley area, there are some treks that are so quintessentially Kimberley, we can’t help but suggest them to all who visit. Without a doubt, “hiking the hill” lands at the top of our list. The Ski Hill Hike is enjoyed by all ages, in all seasons, and by those who like to ditch the car and come as they are - no long drive down a bumpy Forest Service Road required. Winter or summer, this is one of our favourite spots to enjoy fresh air and epic views while bumping elbows with locals and visitors alike.

Hiking the Hill - Summer Edition

The perfect right-in-town hike does exist. The classic Ski Hill Hike up the old T-bar route at the Kimberley Alpine Resort is a tried and true favourite among those who live and recreate here. This hike takes you 2.5 km up the face of the Mountain to a lookout that sits nearly 1800 metres above sea level. Prepare for a steep, calf-burning climb that is sure to get your heart pumping. For a fun challenge, we recommend timing yourself and working to beat your own speed-record as the summer progresses - we hear a handful of local legends have done this hike in under 20 minutes! From the top, hikers can take five while enjoying eagle-eye views of the community below and the Canadian Rockies in the distance.

Tip: On the descent, we like to take the long way down by hiking through Musseur’s Plateau and Moe’s Canyon. This option extends the hike to a 10 km loop, and offers stunning views of the St. Mary Valley and the Purcell Mountains.

Hiking the Hill - Winter Edition

While we love a good lift-assisted ski, you’ll find plenty of locals opting to earn their turns instead throughout the winter months. The Kimberley Alpine Resort was one of the first ski mountains in the region to offer a designated ski-touring track for anyone looking to skip the lift lines and enjoy some solid cardio to the top of the Mountain. The up-track takes you up the face of the Kimberley Alpine Resort along the Boundary ski run, promises drool-worthy views of the Rocky Mountains, and can be enjoyed during the ski season with an active ski pass or a $5 up-track pass. Our suggestion? Do as the locals do, get yer buns up bright and early, and start your day with a thermos of coffee in the morning sun before cruising down fresh corduroy to the bottom.

Know Before You Go:

  • Up-trackers must stick to the Boundary run while travelling both up and down the Mountain
  • The up-track zone is open from 6am to 8pm
  • Dogs, fat bikes and sleds are not allowed on the designated up-track zone
  • There is a designated up-trackers’ parking area on North Star Drive. Up-tracking from the Kimberley Alpine Resort base area is not allowed

Hike Happy

Chances are, if you know Kimberley, you know the Ski Hill Hike intimately. This hike has provided its fair share of epic sunrises, fresh powder, and good-old-fashioned cardio over the years, and we know that Kimberley would not be the same without it. Before setting out on your journey up the Mountain, be sure to prepare yourself with all of the essential safety, accessibility and trail etiquette knowledge, and don’t forget to gear-up for the season and conditions. We hope you love this hike as much as we do, and can’t wait to make new “hill hiking” memories with you.


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